For each friend that you invite to Fundeen and invests in any of our projects, you will get 30 € to increase your investment portfolio. In addition, your friend will also get 30 € to encourage them to continue investing with us!

What do you have to do?

1. Complete your profile and activate your wallet on our platform to generate your personal referral code. You will get it in our welcome email but you can also find it in the section Get € 30! on our website menu after logging in.

2. Think of all the people in your social circles who may be interested in making their savings profitable in an ethical and sustainable way.

3. Share your unique and non-transferable code with all of them.

4. Tell them to use it on their first investment in Fundeen. They will receive 30 € in their wallet, and you will too!

For more details check our conditions.

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