In the Agora, the shareholders of a renewable project will be able to publish an offer with the amount of shares they want to sell in the secondary market. Once the offer is created they will be able to receive bids from other users during the selected time period.

An offer therefore is an intention to sell shares of a given project. During the offer period or once it finishes, the seller must decide whether or not he accepts the highest bid made.

Offers can be under three states: active, sold or not sold.

An active offer is that one that is still under the offer period and therefore it is still open for the reception of bids from users. An active offer might be cancelled any moment, in case the seller changes his mind.

A sold offer is that one, where the seller and the buyer have agreed on the sale, and have decided to proceed with the signature and processing the payment to transfer the ownership of the shares.

Offers under the state of not sold are those where the seller could not make the sale of the shares desired. This could be for various reasons, like no receiving any bids, that the seller decided to cancel the offer because he did not conform with the bids received or that the signature and processing payment period expired.

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