A deadline is set for each project, which varies according to the type of project. In some cases, this period has to do with the estimated useful life of the installation and, in other cases, the promoter and Fundeen agree a period of time in which investors will be partners of the company that owns the installation.

Calanova Solar was the first project we financed at Fundeen. This is a photovoltaic self-consumption project in Malaga which, after the investment period of 15 years agreed with the consumer, will continue to operate for another 10 or 15 years until the equipment completes its useful life (25-30 years). However, the energy sales contract signed with the consumer states that: 

  • For 15 years, Calanova Golf Club will acquire the energy at the price agreed in the contract. During this period and thanks to the agreed price, Fundeen investors will receive an estimated return of 7.13% per year.

  • At the end of this period, the installation will be transmitted to Calanova Golf Club with one of the following two formulas: (a) transfer for consideration, change of ownership of the assets and liquidation of the company owning the installation; or (b) purchase and sale of the shares in the company at a symbolic price.  

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