The team of experts at Fundeen has estimated the profitability of the projects published on the platform, for which it is necessary to make estimates or projections of the income that will be obtained based on the future price of energy. Other values such as inflation or costs are also estimated. Although all these estimates are made as rigorously as possible and using reports of recognized prestige in the sector, in no case is the announced profitability guaranteed by Fundeen or by the promoter. This may vary upwards or downwards, but it is a circumstance that the investors have to assume and in no case imply a real guarantee of return.

The projects are not authorised or supervised by the CNMV or by the Bank of Spain or any other national or foreign regulatory body. Therefore, the information provided by the promoter has not been reviewed by them nor, in the case of the issue of securities, does it constitute an informative prospectus approved by the CNMV.

In Fundeen we are working on the development of an agora where investors will be able to sell the shares they hold in the projects and thus be able to withdraw the investment before the end of the term.

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