Any citizen with DNI or NIE can invest in our projects from 500 €.

The maximum amount must be differentiated between non-accredited and accredited investors. Non-accredited investors may invest a maximum of €3,000 per project and €10,000 annually, in the last 12 months, while accredited investors do not have these limits.

However, it should be noted that Fundeen generally limits the maximum investment to 10% of each project, regardless of whether the investor is accredited or not. The only objective pursued with this limit is to avoid simple or qualified majorities among a group of investors, at which point they could take decisions that are against the general interest of all investors. This limitation may not apply to specific projects.

Any Fundeen investor is not accredited unless it requests the opposite during the registration process or afterwards and it fulfills the requirements established in Law 5/2015, of promotion of business financing. If you want to be an accredited investor, you can apply by calling +34 911 23 82 77 or sending an email to 

In Fundeen we recommend that investors apply the due diligence rules before investing. Investing in projects implies a liquidity risk and operational risk of the project that can lead to lower returns than expected and a risk of total or partial loss of the invested amount and non-payment. It is important to understand what you are investing in.  

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