It is important to know that there are two types of crowdfunding: 

  • Donation to a project usually disinterested, so it is not considered an investment. This is what is known as reward or donation crowdfunding.

  • The one that is closest to the financial world and requires an investment. There are two different types: crowdlending and equity crowdfunding. 


A loan is offered to a specific developer and then it is recovered. It allows companies to be financed directly by a fairly large and different group of people without having to seek financing from a bank. 

In this type of crowdfunding people lend money to a company in exchange for a financial return stipulated in a loan contract. 

Equity Crowdfunding

This kind of crowfunding is the one that we do at Fundeen. In this type, the money that you invest is aimed at acquiring shares in a company and, therefore, a percentage of participation in it.

This type of crowdfunding makes it possible to provide funds for specific projects with an underlying asset through the contribution of funds to vehicle companies or SPVs. However, the financial return is not stipulated as such, being an investment at risk.

With both forms of crowdfunding, companies have another alternative to obtain funds and investors, obtain more profitability and decide how to use their money, even generating a positive impact with it.

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